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Aquila Architects is an architecture design studio that specializes in architectural design for residential developments, individual houses, public buildings and commercial property developments.


Our principal is a Registered Practicing Architect (ABWA) and has nearly a decade of experience as an architect in Australia along with 20 years in property development projects.


To realise our client's dream, Aquila Architects works closely with both our clients and the team of consultants to produce an innovative architectural solution throughout the design and building process.



Aquila Architects believes that having the client/community participate in every planning and design resolution would improve the existing dwelling environment.


We believe that context is a significant factor in retaining the essence of the place and will attempt to interpret each distinctive context during the design process.


We also recognise that to achieve a sound design, one has to be good a steward in maximising the resources and suggesting a value for money decision to the client to obtain the best result.


Through the integration of occupant participation, context interpretation, and prudent use of resources; Aquila Architects is able to realise a dream that can be accomplished together.



The practice engages in architectural design, documentation, contract management, and digital media.


Such works includes residential developments, individual houses, portable housing design, commercial developments, industrial buildings, and public buildings, such as clubhouses and sport facilities.



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